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Nov 20, 2011 03:38 PM

need idea for T-giving main to transport easily

I'm responsible for the main dish at our TG dinner this year. Constraint is that we're schlepping the dinner to the nursing home where my aunt is confined. We will have a nice-ish private dining room in which to gather, with a private kitchen adjoining, but it's only feasible to reheat in microwave there, if necessary---not to do real cooking. I wish to present something that is evocative of turkey and stuffing, but easier to cook, transport, and serve. I was thinking of some sort of chicken and stuffing casserole with great ingredients, but all the recipes I see for such dishes online seem to use canned soups and so forth--not appealing. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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  1. We are going away for Thanksgiving, leaving our adult son home alone.... watching the cat and dog. He has some obligations and can't come with. Our daughter will be out of town for a couple of days, too. So, today, I roasted a turkey and made a big pot of gravy. Then I pulled the meat off the bones, divided among some storage containers, covered with gravy and put them in the freezer.
    I'm thinking that you could roast a boneless turkey roll or breast, slice it, cover with gravy, chill well. Then just take it to the home and zap it.
    That idea about stuffing in muffin tins is a good one, too, you could pre-make, and zap those. Or put the dressing in a small slow cooker (I have some in ours right now), and keep it warm (In a cardboard box, lined with newspapers, the box keeps it from tipping in the car) and just plug it in when you get there.
    Sweet potatoes (in a can), are easily microwaved, too.
    If others are bringing other sides, you could just put the turkey and gravy together in a slow cooker, too.

    1. How many guests?

      For up to 12, I'd suggest a turkey breast or two,, cooked at home,sliced and carried in an insulated bag, along with the usual Potato & gravy, a veggie (green beans) or ????, pie, etc. Turkey can be cooked and sliced at home, potato can be from a package, gravy from a can, and all can be nuked to bring up to temp. Just bring along your instant read thermometer to get to correct temps.

      Not the same as around your DR table, but, can be an enjoyable meal, if accompanied by a glass of wine or two.

      Bless you for caring enough to undertake this effort for a rellie in the "Home".

      Good Luck!

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        I have observed several families gathering for a meal at the center where my father is and they always seem to be having such a great time.

        My first thought was a chicken (or turkey)/dressing casserole, also. The type you would cook in a pyrex 9 by 13. My late friend used to make a delicious one, but alas, I don't have her recipe. I think she cooked and boned a chicken and then made cornbread dressing and combined and heated them. That's what it taste like to me; was delicious. Of course, the dressing has to be good to start with, but you know that! :<)

        If you are close enough, I would take the casserole out of the oven, wrap in foil and towels, and immediately put it on a warming try when you arrive.

        You could post a request for this dish specifically if no other feasible ideas come in under this post.

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          One of my favorite casseroles is Tetrazzini. I usually gently poach chicken breasts, then add them to a casserole of sauteed mushrooms, thin noodles, herbs, and a white sauce, made with broth and some grated parm. But, you can use cooked turkey as well. I'd bake it in a regular casserole dish that can be reheated in a microwave. It's a traditional comfort food at my house. Happy Thanksgiving.

      2. My husband loves something that he calls "thanksgiving casserole" - it's traditionally made with leftovers, but would be excellent with fresh ingredients as well. Basically, it's shredded turkey mixed with gravy and whatever vegetables are leftover, placed in a casserole dish and topped with stuffing, then baked. In your case, I would roast chicken or turkey parts, pull the meat, mix with some sauteed or roasted vegetables, then add either homemade gravy or a bechamel sauce, and top with stuffing. Bring a potato gratin as a side dish and you'll be all set.

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          I have done something similar, but layering the leftovers so they are more identifiable. Sliced sweet potato, mashed potato, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sliced turkey, etc.. Top with a mixture of bechamel and gravy, some canned fried onions, and bake until heated through.

          Another idea is the "Thanksgiving Cake" featured on CHOW. Similarly layered, "frosted" with mashed potatoes. It's a memorable presentation.

        2. cook the turkey the day before, cool overnight in fridge and then slice. It slices beautifully when cold. All the sides can be nuked, as can the turkey.

          1. we always make turkey hash as would be good for this!