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Nov 20, 2011 03:35 PM

Interesting new Chefs Knife from Williams Sonoma

This knife is, I believe exclusive, to Williams Sonoma the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro Chef's Knife.

Quote from the the Williams Sonoma page:

"The Zwilling Pro collection offers ultimate comfort, security and precision in the hand, thanks to a special arched bolster designed by architect Matteo Thun that promotes a perfect thumb grip. A contoured ergonomic handle enhances your comfort."

The only concern to me would be blade thickness.

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  1. I have seen this line of knife before. I like the fact that it has a reduced bolster -- this makes knife sharpening much easier. Wusthof Ikon is similar in this regard:

    Are you planning to get Zwilling Pro? Good luck.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Hi Chem.. I was looking for a Japanese knife then saw a video with Jacques P├ępin using his chef knife dicing up some herbs and fell in love with the larger curve of his knives. He could get that rocking action with his hand on the tip. This particular knife is somewhat more curve as the blade is somwhat wider but that may in fact be better.

      I would like to hold the knife before I made any decisions..

    2. I like:
      - Nice sleek minimalist look to the blade. Modern but not gimmicky
      - No full length bolster

      I dislike:
      - German profile, too much curve

      - Price (looks like $120 for a chefs knife - not bad by WS standards, but there are a lot of specs I still don't know)

      - Steel quality
      - Grind, thickness, taper
      - Fit and finish (usually reasonably decent for Zwilling Henckels)
      - Balance

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      1. re: cowboyardee

        Agree totally with all your observations.. Except the large curve is what appealed to me..

        1. re: Ross101

          If you like the large curve consider also Messermeisters and the F Dick 1905.

          I think the F Dick 1905 is the most curved chef knife around followed by the Messermeister


      2. I'm only going on the picture here - but it looks like the bolster not only doesn't go all the way to the blade of the knife but it also looks like it has a long gradual taper to the knife surface as well.

        I'd have to hold that to see if I liked that and I'd wonder if the lack of material at the base of the knife blade could compromise the strength of the butt end of the knife. . . . .

        would have to hold it.

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        1. re: thimes

          I agree the bloster does not go all the way down and that is what I desire. My two larger Hinckles have the bolster and over years of sharpening it has had to be ground away.. I do it on a bench grinder and it's sort of a pain. The bolster, I believe, is so when you cut thru bone it give's extra strength but I use my shears for that so it would be nice for sharpening to not have to deal with it. Plus I like the look without the bolster.