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Nov 20, 2011 03:32 PM

Christmas Dinner in Breckenridge

My family of 5 (teen/adult children) will be heading to Breckenridge for Christmas vacation. We will be there Christmas day and I am looking for a good place for our Christmas dinner. We are foodies from Dallas so good food is a must. Looking for somewhere we can make a reservation but not have to dress for the occasion. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I'm not sure if they'll be open Christmas Day, but Hearthstone in Breckenridge is one of the best, if not the best restaurant in town IMO. I've never gone out on Christmas, but most restaurants in mountain towns are pretty casual, even the fancier ones. (I've been known to eat in very nice restaurants in my ski pants)

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      I found out Hearthstone is open Christmas Day serving their regular dinner menu. I'm also looking into Relish. They are offering a 3 course special menu for $50. Any thoughts on which would be better.

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          Thanks for the help. Spoke with Peter at Hearthstone and we are set up for Christmas. Looks like a great menu. I'll let you know.

    2. Lived in breck for 6 years. Have been living in silverthorne the past 3. Have been to both restaurants many time..... also well acquainted with many chefs/cooks in summit and eagle. My preference is relish in breck. Mrs and I. Became bored with what hearthstone does. You will get a good meal and nice atmosphere at either. Ski tip, alpenglow, and relish are my favorites in county.

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        .... to add: I believe the food is better at relish, but hearthstone will encapture more of the winter spirit.

      2. You also might look at the Keystone Ranch or the Ski Tip Lodge in Keystone for Christmas day and consider the Alpenglow Stube for another night.

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          Thanks for the replies. Made reservations for Hearthstone for Christmas day. I'll give my review when I get back. I'm sure we will eat out every night so I'll have a few restaurants to talk about.

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            Just got back from our trip to Breckenridge. Just wanted to give my review of a few restaurants we ate at. Hearthstone for Christmas dinner. Fabulous meal. The restaurant was a little crowded. They must have squeezed in as many tables as possible for such a small space, but still an enjoyable meal. We sampled elk, scallops, prime rib, and wagyu beef. All excellent. The only gripe I had was with the side vegetables. Very bland and way undercooked. Almost raw. Service was friendly and didn't try to rush us. Chocolate cake dessert was really good. We also went to Twist. Another fabulous meal. There we had duck, wagyu beef burger (best burger I ever tasted), pork chops. All good except the pork chop. Stuffed with blue cheese that overpowered every bite. Got there in time for happy hour and had a great $5 green tea martini. Also appetizers were on special so we tried white bean hummus with vegetable chips. Very good too. Also ate at Mi Casa for their take on mexican food. I am from Texas, so this is definitely not your typical tex-mex food. Buffalo fajitas, elk enchiladas, duck quesadillas, etc. Pretty pricey, but that's what I expect in a ski town. Great food and good tequila selection. Would definitely recommend all three restaurants. Also if you are walking down Main Street, don't forget to stop at the crepe stand. The guys working it are in no hurry and having a very good time, but the raspberry/chocolate crepe was outstanding. Just be prepared for a wait.

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              Vidorian, thanks for the followup. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed Hearthstone.