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Nov 20, 2011 02:34 PM

Ingredient replacement ideas?

Im a college student who has recently fell in love with cooking. I found this recipe for peach gazpacho except there is two problems. One, it calls for bell peppers and two, it calls for cucumbers. I can't stand either of these, the taste of both are incredibly off putting for me and results in me not wanting to finish whatever either ingredient touch, good thing my mother loves both and will eat it. So, I need some advice on good replacement ideas for both cucumber and bell pepper. Please and thank you!

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  1. What other ingredients are there in the gazpacho? In most gazpacho recipes those are key ingredients. What attracts you to this recipe? It may be simpler to find a different recipe than to find replacements.

    1. Without knowing what else in in the soup--I assume there are peaches--it's hard to say what can be added, subtracted or substituted. Can you give us the recipe?

        1. Hi,
          A fennel bulb would be a good substitute; it has a similar crispy texture, and the flavor would be a good match for the peaches.

          1. you might try jicama for the cuke and red or yellow peppers instead of green bells.

            gazpacho is basically green peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, lol. why do you like this soup?