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Nov 20, 2011 12:46 PM

oatmeal for a crowd

Hi -- I am Snack Mama at preschool tomorrow and I want to cook oatmeal (the 5 minute kind). I know that the basic ratio is 1 c of water to 1/2 c of oats -- but you lessen the water as you multiply. I'll need about 25 servings. My thought is to do 2 batches of 12 (since I don't want it sitting around for too long). Does anyone know how much I should reduce the water by? For 6 c of oats, how much water? And how much salt? Also, what are some fun mix-ins (not nuts) besides raisins, brown sugar & cinnamon? Thanks.

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  1. i would suggest baking it if making it for a large group actually.

    recipe is just an example, can customize it however youd like:

    1. I can't advise on cooking oatmeal, but here some additional mix-in ideas:

      chopped banana
      chopped apple
      really, any chopped fruit (canned peaches might work if fresh are not in season)
      for a super-special treat, mini-chocolate chips
      maple syrup

      If I think of any more, I'll post them.

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        Toasted coconut is good, assuming it's not included in your nut ban. You can use nut-free granola, too -- it adds some crunch.

        Apple or pumpkin butter work well, too.

      2. I think that 2:1 ratio applies across the board. Oatmeal does not cook long enough for evaporation to much of a factor. It matters with rice, but not oatmeal.

        If oatmeal looks too dry or stiff, I add more water while cooking. If too wet, I just cook it longer.

        1. I think I'd start with 7 ounces per cup of oatmeal and have a pot of boiling water handy in case I needed to thin it out. There are too many variables in this process to provide an empirical solution.

          1. Not sure if this response is too late but maybe for your next turn as Snack Mama: crock pots make terrific large-batch oatmeal. Just google for proportions.