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Nov 20, 2011 11:21 AM

Delmonico Steakhouse Las Vegas - any good?

Will be in Vegas next April renewing wedding vows (yes a big softie I know!) and inbetween renewal time and the show at the Venetian we have booked to see we have been looking for somewhere near to the theatre to eat a good meal

We have read some good reviews of Delmonico's but would really appreciate the 'hounds feedback on this place

Thanks in advance

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  1. My annual guy's group always hits one steakhouse each year. We did Delmonico's last year primarily based on the fact that they have a very liberal corkage policy. We were very happy and will likely return.

    We are a group of 5-7 guys and most of the other steakhouses have a 2 blt. limit and that isn't going to get this group into the first course.

      1. re: century81

        I love it. I would go just for the desserts. Yum.

      2. My wife and I dined there in August on the first night of the family trip. I have eaten at Emeril's Delmonico's in NOLA and thought that LV was at least as good. The service was excellent and the steaks were prepared to perfection. The only negative that I could say was that at the height of service, it was a bit loud in the room where we were seated, but obviously it depends on the crowd and the time you will be there. I would say, give it a try, you could do a lot worse.

        3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        1. Probably the best bone in ribeye in Vegas aside from Carnevino.

          1. +1 to A5. i totally agree.

            We ate there last year and it was phenominal. great service and the steak was probably the best ive ever had.