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Nov 20, 2011 10:24 AM

Warm Cozy Cafe with Fireplace and Hot Chocolate?

Need a nice place a group of 6-10 ladies could meet at possibly with some children in Philadelphia or the Suburbs for a Holiday Hot Chocolate get together! Thanks!

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  1. I'm a fan of the fireplace and couch area at Hawthorne, but I don't think they serve hot chocolate there.

    1. In the Doylestown area, two of the Starbucks both have fireplaces. The one in the center of town has fireplace in a room separate from where the counter is located. My biggest issue with this location (leaving the fact they are Starbucks) is the parking is a bit limited. The one near the movie theater off of 611 also has a fireplace. I have never had Starbucks hot chocolate but I know they serve it. Both places are comfortable for spending time in, and groups do gather there.

      1. Don't know about the hot chocolate, but this time of year I really enjoy the fireplace at Shanakies (sp) in Ambler. Its an Irish pub with an extensive restaurant and live music every week.

        1. What a lovely idea! Unfortunately I have no specifics, but I'm wondering if a "Tea Room" should be considered? They would probably have the setting you're looking for. Have fun!