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Nov 20, 2011 10:15 AM

RIP Trattoria Corso [Restaurant is not closed; this is about service issues - CH Team]

This was one of my favorite Berkeley restaurants until they lost their chef and to make things worse hired a passive aggressive hostess from hell. Now the food is hit or miss (often inedible misses) and the dining experience unpleasant. I've vowed I won't go back until they get a new hostess and a real chef.

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  1. "...a passive aggressive hostess from hell"...might be the same one who screamed at me last month,a half hour before closing,as I entered the door"Did you call?",mixing me up with another party.I thought maybe it was only me who thought she was having an off night as she stomped around the room with her sourpuss expression.However,the food was great and the bartender treated me to several wine tastings and was a gem of an employee as far as service,warmth and personality.

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      Sounds like the same woman. It's a pity because the wait staff is generally great and the food used to be great too. That's why it was a favorite. I'll miss it.

    2. I've been to Corso twice and enjoyed my experience both times. My friend is visiting me from out of town and wanted Italian, and I was going to take him there tomorrow (!), but I hadn't heard about the chef change. Has anyone else been since this happened? What were your thoughts? If it's really taken a dive I don't want to waste a meal there (I want to show off the Berkeley food scene!), so I'll take it as an opportunity to realize my long-held dream of trying out Rivoli.

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        I had a really tasty dinner there a couple of weeks ago - an early Sunday pre-show dinner. Top of its game? No. But a solid affordable dinner with decent enough service.

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          Rivoli is always wonderful. Great food and service. I keep hoping that Corso will find its way again, but that would require an new manager.

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            We were there about six weeks ago, after theatre--as usual, had a very good meal, w/ good service. The subj. heading of this thread--"RIP Trattoria Corso"--scared me--hadn't seen it when it was first posted, worried they had closed. Happily not.

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              I really wish this thread title coud be changed. The first time it was posted, I thought that Corso had closed. When this thread was revived again, I had already forgotten about the last time and again thought the restaurant had closed.

          2. I ate at Corso Monday night and had one of the best of the many meals I've enjoyed there. I had an appetizer of three crostini ($9), caponata-like eggplant salad, cured fish, and chicken liver pâté, all really good, then a rich and earthy vegetarian lasagne with wild mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns, ricotta, and béchamel ($16). Had a glass of delicious Vermentino ($9) and a Nero di Troia ($8). Great meal, great value.

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            1. Yeah I was also there not too long ago, perhaps a month ago, and I thought it was a perfectly pleasant experience. Nothing earth-shaking, but tasty enough, with very pleasant service. Dunno if the manager was fired or if it was her night off, but I didn't have any of those problems.

              That said, Corso is another one of those restaurants that's perennially in Bauer's Top 100 and makes me scratch my head.