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Nov 20, 2011 08:48 AM

where can I buy tamarind paste?

it's all in the title :)

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  1. Actually, it's not. This board covers all of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. You might want to tell us where you are located so that you don't get a recommendation that is 4 hours away.

    1. I'll give you a non-snarky reply:

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        I wasn't trying to be snarky. I was trying to get more information so that the OP could be steered in the right direction. I find that sometimes you have to spell it out for people that aren't used to this kind of message board.

      2. not sure where you are located, but Patel Brothers in Norwalk will have it. Also a couple of Indian markets on Fairfield ave in Bridgeports that should have it, though they are smaller than Patel.

        1. I buy mine at Indian grocery stores too. The last time was from Patel Foods in Manchester, CT on Silver Lane.

          1. I'm reasonably certain I bought mine at Whole Foods.