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Shallot jam?

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Morning all, just looking for a bit of inspiration here..

I've decided to make shallot jam as part of my feed-everyone-good-things holiday gifting mission. I have done similar things with larger onions, and I don't really need a recipe or the technique per se, but does anyone have suggestions about flavour combinations that they think would really knock someone's socks off (then have them scrambling for the goat cheese and good crackers for a good old-fashioned pig-out)? The internet seems reluctant to suggest anything besides tarragon, but one of the people who'll be receiving this has a huge hate-on for the stuff.

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  1. i like thyme or fennel seed in these sorts of things, and a bit of vinegar to punch up the flavor. lemon or orange zest at the end is nice too.

    when gifting condiments, i prefer not to make them too BIG in flavor, so they are more versatile for others.

    1. I think sage would be good as well. Love shallots -- nice gift idea!

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          Doesn't that sound like some kind of archaic Shakespearean insult?

          Thou errant sage-hater, get thee hence! et cetera. ;)

      1. Vinegar is definitely under consideration, and zest. I agree with hotoynoodle that the seasoning shouldn't be overly aggressive so that the giftees can use the stuff for a wider set of applications, but I feel like it does need something to round out the flavour and elevate it. Thyme seems a good match, for instance, and we are sage-lovers, so I may try that with finely minced fresh leaves. Thanks to you both!

        1. Google Translate should get you through both of these -- onion and shallot jam are both very common here in France, so the recipes are easy to find.

          One uses redcurrant jam, which I wouldn't have thought of, and the other uses sherry vinegar and mustard, which sounds intriguing.


          I use a LOT of recipes from both of these sites, and they're usually *very* reliable.

          Post back if you need a hand with the translations.

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            C'est parfait: je suis bilingue! Thank you very much, I actually have some redcurrant powder I got while in Europe, and mustard is a favourite. Looks like test batches next weekend :)

          2. I like thyme or rosemary with shallots. Balsamic vinegar and or ruby port would be delicious too.

            1. I like caramelized onions (shallots) with thyme, chili flakes, and balsamic. Salt of course.

              1. Sweetened dried cherries or cranberries would be good in your jam. Martha Stewart has a recipe that used to get lots of raves on the Hound. http://www.marthastewart.com/315063/s...

                I made it with unsweetened cherries and didn't care for it that much---the oniony flavor was very strong. The people I fed it to, however, loved it and took it home with them. I go back and forth on how much I love a pronounced shallot flavor. If that's what you're looking for, it's a good recipe. You might cut the shallots with some caramelized onions if you want something milder.

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                  I was thinking of roasting the shallots first to mellow the flavour -- I tend to put a packet of shallots to roast when I have the oven on, that's how much I like it. Either way, roasted or not, I expect now that it'll look something like balsamic-redcurrant-thyme-chili flakes-shallots. Good thing it'll yield lots, because I'm looking forward to keeping some!