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Nov 20, 2011 07:57 AM

Need 8 good month old friendly spots in San Diego

We are staying at the Hilton San Diego Resort on Mission Bay for 6 nights in beginning of January. We are looking for some of the top restaurants that are toddler friendly(well behaved 8 month old). Most of our meals will be lunches or early dinners. Would prefer spots close to the hotel but have no problem driving 15-20 minutes if necessary.Looking for great seafood/new american/sushi etc. Also, we will have a babysitter one night and are looking one can't miss spot-not so concerned with budget. Also, I know it will be NFL playoff season, any good sports bar near the hotel or that have some good bar food/wings/etc. Thank you all.

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  1. Honestly, I can't think of any place "unfriendly" to an 8-monther, save for your own comfort level taking your baby to a nightclub or something.

    For the babysitter night: Quality Social for drinks (a hidden "speakeasy" behind Neighborhood- you gotta text them in advance to make reservations) Cafe Chloe, Cowboy Star, Pizzeria Bruno Napolitano (all fine with the baby, too), Starlite Lounge (strongly encouraged), or the twenty-five minute trip up to Kaito for the only excellent sushi in the area. The area around the Hilton MB isn't the best for great eating- a ride on the trolley, bus or cabs will be required to get you to these places. Your hotel might have a shuttle that could get you downtown for the first three.

    For sports bars, I'm not sure. I think there are a few places near Old Town that might fit the bill. If you get the desire to eat Mexican, don't bother with Old Town- hit up one of the trucks (good threads for this), Super Cocina, or if it's the chippy, margarita kinda place you want, Ortega's in Hillcrest never fails.


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      For a neighborhood sports bar experience to get your football fix in, go across the freeway to either High Dive or Offshore Tavern.

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        SaltyRaisins - I think you mean Noble Experiment.

        nyctot - Text them WELL in advance of when you want to visit if you want a reservation. I believe they are now allowing walk-ins as space allows at the bar only.

        On afternoons/evenings with your baby, we've had good luck with a little one at The Pearl in Pt. Loma (only open for dinner -, URBN for pizza and more in North Park ( You might also like Tender Greens in Pt. Loma, as it's pretty casual and has a nice outdoor area (

        Have a nice trip!

        Tender Greens
        2400 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

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          Yes, thanks- I did a significant name swap by mistake. Also, they don't have room for standing at the bar, so make your reservations at least a week before.

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            SEATS at the bar are walk-in now, at least according to this article:

            I also read somewhere that they only take reservations a week in advance, now, but don't have any first-hand knowledge of that.

      2. We haven't had a problem taking our son anywhere in SD for an early meal as we have a portable high chair that we keep in the car when places do not have enough to go around. Since many of the good restaurants here are in hotels, they seem to be willing to have kids there.

        That being said, The Fishery in Pacific Beach should work for you, but I would call ahead to make sure they have high chairs.

        1. I don't think you will have any problem with your 8-months old in any restaurant in SD (or somewhere else) as long as you are willing to calm him/her down (outside) in case they are crying. We have a 3 months old and just started to again go regular to resdtaurants and so far had no problem with babies at Alchemy, Cafe Chloe, Linkery, Urban Solace, Cucina Urbana etc. at any time of the night (we prefer to go later during the night)

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            3-month: cake.
            8-month: borderline, but generally OK
            1 yr - 3 yr: DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!

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              It depends on many tt\hings including the general approach of the parents and baby towards food and cooking (at home and restaurant). According to my parents it was more the other way around - the older the baby/toddler and the more you involve them in food and cooking from the very beginning the less problems to go to restaurants and eating at home.

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                This has not been my experience. Our friends had their first who could go anywhere. I remember dinners at Montana's where they'd just park her in the stroller all night while we had long, terrific meals without a peep.

                Our friends were so proud of themselves- they were just great parents who couldn't understand why everybody didn't just take their infant out in the pram wherever the adults went.

                Until their second child. Same parents, very even-handed in their parenting skills, very involved in cooking at home, etc, etc. They couldn't take Child2 anywhere- just a very different personality.

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              "We have a 3 months old and...."

              Congratulations! I didn't know...

            3. My friend and I go out at least once weekly with her now 17-month old. He's generally well-behaved, and eats almost anything as long as it's good (he refuses to eat Denny's or IHOP, not a huge fan of McD's).
              Cafe on Park is really great. They just opened a new dining area, so the waits, even on a Saturday morning, are less than 15 minutes. It's one of his favorites.
              He enjoys the chicken and waffle at Brian's on Washington (eats almost 1/2 waffle, and a chicken leg). The food is good, and they have a nice variety.
              We went to the Fig Tree in Pacific Beach for the first time Saturday. The stuffed French Toast was incredible. He had a 1/2 order of french toast, and ate almost all of it.
              Souplantation is good when you have a kid who's starving, and can't wait for food. He enjoys the salad bar (loves pickled beets and olives). The hot food isn't absolutely spectacular, but generally good, and you can get a pretty healthy meal.

              Fig Tree Cafe
              5119 Cass St, San Diego, CA 92109