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Nov 20, 2011 07:56 AM

Bosch Universal Mixer

Can anyone out there tell me if there's a cookware or appliance store here in Montreal or nearby that sells the Bosch Universal mixer? Or even just some good appliance stores I can investigate..?

Or recommendations for an online store here in Canada where I could buy it?

Thanks for any help!!

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  1. Hi, not sure, but you might want to at least call or visit a Centre du Rasoir:

    They have some higher end kitchen appliances and I've been able to order a few things there (like a replacement top for a raclette, etc.). So they might be able to help or at least direct you to somewhere else.

    1. I was given an OLD Bosch Universal (UM3) by my parents, who received it as a wedding gift in 1981! I use it often, and it's great, so good choice.

      I looked hard for a dealer in Montreal, but came up with none - but good luck and keep us updated if you keep looking!

      I have bought replacement/extra parts from two sources: (Canadian


      and (American


      Both gave me excellent customer service, and funnily enough, charged a similar amount for shipping. I would recommend either - I ordered from "Healthy KItchens" the second time around not because I was unsatisfied with Pleasant Hill, but because they were Canadian.