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Nov 20, 2011 04:11 AM

Best source for candied fruit? (for Roscón de Reyes)

I'll be making (or rather attempting to make) roscón de reyes/broche de rois for 3 Kings Day and want the best candied fruit possible for this project.

Anyone know of a good source? It's not my favourite kind of sweet/preserve but when it's very well made it is quite edible, when it isn't it's just disgusting.

I'm looking for a range of preserved fruit to mimic jewels on a crown.

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  1. For really good candied fruit, which will be expensive, you may need to go to Fortnums or Selfridges.

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    1. re: J Sheridan

      Thanks, I knew about Fortnum & Masons but price there is no guarantee of quality (a good example is their insipid but wildly expensive green tea).
      With all the possible sources of candid fruit in the UK I was hoping someone, anyone, would have a first hand recommendation for some genuinely delicious examples.

    2. My partner is the baker of the relationship and swears by the glace fruit products of:

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      1. re: Harters

        Thank you!
        The French fruits look very much like the range from Les Fleurons d'Apt from Kerry Aptunion (link includes a delightful video on provenance
        )I was wondering if there was a UK source for these.