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Nov 19, 2011 09:22 PM

Petit Robert Bistro (Needham) or Aquitaine (Dedham)?

I am looking for a french brasserie/bistro for my birthday (for about 20 guests). I was looking for somewhere close enough to Wellesley and found out about these two alternatives: Petit Robert Needham and Aquitaine in Dedham. Which one would you recommend? And, is there any other place around the same price range that I should consider? I could probably go as far as Boston downtown if it's really worth it (much better than these two options). Thanks!

Petit Robert Needham
45 Chapel Street, Needham, MA 02492

950 Providence Hwy, Dedham, MA 02026

950 Providence Highway, Dedham, MA 02026

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  1. Don't know about the PR in Needham but the one in Kenmore is a favorite of mine. A luncheon for 20 at Aquitaine in Dedham was a real disappointment. Mediocre food and amateur service. I've had much better service and better food at Joe's American Bar and Grill in Dedham with the same group of 20. Consider Gaslight in the South End - it has what you want plus a parking lot.

    1. I ate at the Petit R B in Kenmore the other day and both the food and service were bad.

      That makes me sad because I have always really liked it.

      In particular, the onion soup, which has been a star on the menu was terrible.

      Brasserie Jo would be a good choice.

      1. I've found Petit Robert in Needham to be pretty awful the last few times I've gone. the Dedham Aquitaine is good and much better compared to PRB although I've never been there w/ a large group. I'll repeat the earlier recommendation to consider Gaslight; I don't know that it's 'much' better than Aquitaine in terms of food quality, but the ambiance is a little more lively, they have better cocktails and there is free parking which is always a plus.

        1. Acquitaine is the better of the two, but I'd recommend hopping in the car and going to Gaslight on Harrison Ave in the South End (free parking lot). Also, closer to home, Masona Grill in West Roxbury is an interesting menu.

          Masona Grill
          4 Corey Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132