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Nov 19, 2011 06:49 PM

Birthday dinner in Reading or Andover? (or Burlington, etc.)

I'm trying to organize my husband's 40th birthday dinner on a weeknight, and since many of the invitees live in northern MA or southern NH, I want to find a restaurant north of Boston.

Reading, North Reading, or North Andover, or Andover would be ideal. So would Burlington.

It would be 10-15 people.


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    1. j, your best bet is to do a CH search using those town names. they don't get discussed alot but there have been recent threads for all those. you might want to start out by clicking 'newest' to get the most recent threads first. i remember various CHs liking 2 places in the Burl mall that would be big enough for your group; A_____ and Spring Summer(?).

      1. I went to a birthday dinner..16 people at The Loft restaurant in North Andover last weekend. The service and food were very good and I would definitely consider them.
        Another local place that does bigger groups very well is Salvatore's restaurant in Lawrence..right off of route 495..right on the North Andover line.
        Finally..I have never had a bad meal at Teresa's in Middleton. I have been here just as a couple or as part of a big group and the food and service is great.
        Other choices where I have had good service with big parties is Burton's Grill( North Andover), The Chateau ( Andover) and On the Bone ( Andover).

        1. Just last night my brother and sister-in-law were commenting favorably on Samuel's. the new restaurant in the renovated Andover Inn. The Inn is also always very nicely decorated for the season, so it makes for a festive environment.

          Andover Inn
          4 Chapel Ave, Andover, MA 01810