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Nov 19, 2011 06:16 PM

Asfer seasoning?

Hello all, I bought something unknown at a grocery store and need some help identifying. Please help! The bag is labeled "132 Asfer Seasoning." The contents appear to be flower petals of an orange-ish/red-ish hue. The grocery store was Elias Market in Bethlehem, PA, and it seemed to be a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern market. Thanks!

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  1. Not sure if I can even spell it, but is it Aesphoetida? (hadta go to google for that one). Does it smell awful? Taste sort of sweet/garlicky/sickly? I've got a bunch of that stuff round here for Arabic and Indian seasoning, though I've rarely used it.

    If it is, you can spread the horrid smelling stuff around your house and keep demons away. That's what it was supposedly used for back in the day. :)

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      Thanks, Ninevah, but no. Asafetida is a white powder and this is orange-red flower petals.

    2. I'm adding a pic in case that helps.

      1. Well, Asfer me, it sounds intriguing!

        1. Here is what I decided: the label is a type-o and should read "aster." The aster that the label refers to is safflower, and the contents are safflower petals which can be used for making tea, or can be used to infuse a dish with a warm orange color.