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Stewed chicken from Chicken broth: favorite uses?

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I don't often use the chicken meat from making chicken broth. I've just made a vat of broth for Thanksgiving (2 vats, actually: veggie and chicken) and shredded the meat... how do you like to use it?

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  1. I personally think it has little flavor and my cats agree. But the two feral cats around the corner, they love it. (If I want decent meat from the stock pot, I put in the whole chicken and then remove the breasts when they're done--perfectly poached. And then leave in the rest to give all its goodness to the stock.)

    1. Chicken from broth is perfect for an enchilada-bake.
      Mix with queso blanco or monterrey jack/enchilado sauce, roll in corn tortillas (you need to soften them first) , cover with sauce and more cheese: you have a great dinner. You can also add sauteed mushrooms or sausage to the mix for extra flavor.

      1. Same thing I do with left over rotisserie chicken. Put on top of rice. Shred cheese over that. If I feel like it, add chopped olives or anything similar that happens to be in my fridge.

        Nothing fancy. I usually just nuke that mix in the microwave. It seems like a waste to not eat it.

        Chicken fried rice with a generous amount of soy sauce, whatever vegetables are convenient, and perhaps some chinese sausage is another option.

          1. Are you using whole chickens? I often cut up whole chickens and save the backs/carcasses (anything that was not a breast, wing, thigh or drumstick) and freeze them specifically for making soup and stock. Two of these remains are about the same as a whole chicken in terms of imparting flavor, and they each have a lot of flavor and a surprising amount of while meat from the back, plus the oysters. This is enough chicken to shred into a minestrone or other similar soup. The best part? I don't waste the best pieces -- I roast those in a separate meal.

            1. If it is cooked to rags, then I don't know if using for chicken salad (my typical use) would be good. I make my broth in two stages, pulling the meat off the bones before the second stage, and returning the bones to the broth to pressure cook awhile longer. That way I get the chicken meat before it is completely used up. I also add bits of the chicken back into the broth I when I make soup.

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                The use of a pressure cooker changes everything. I was assuming that the OP was making "vats" -- which I interpreted to mean using stockpots.

              2. If it still has flavour (this is not a surefire thing, weirdly), tacos! Or use some of that rich fresh stock to make chicken and dumplings, pretty perfect fall comfort food.

                1. How timely! I'm just about to poach a whole chicken to make one of family's Czech favorites today - "Varnichka" (spelled phonetically), which is basically "Chicken in Dill Sour Cream Sauce". I'll be poaching the chicken, then removing & tossing skin & taking off the meat in whatever size pieces they come off in. You can then reduce the broth/stock until concentrated, or just heat up some commercial broth (I like Progresso or Swanson's) - only enough to cover the chicken meat. Season broth to taste, add chicken meat back in, along with regular sour cream (NOT low or non-fat), & chopped fresh dill leaves to taste. Serve with Czech bread dumplings or over egg noodles.