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Nov 19, 2011 04:54 PM

Beef cheeks

Anybody know where to get beef cheeks here in southeast ct?

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  1. The Still River Cafe in Eastford, CT serves them from time to time. This restaurant is amazingly good but are only opened certain days and times so check out their website. Totally worth the drive and plan on a long, leisurly dinner in an old farmhouse that has been updated with really comfy modern decor. Also try their cardamom and orange pressed coffee after dinner with dessert.

    Still River Cafe
    134 Union Rd, Eastford, CT 06242

    1. If you wish to cook them, you might try some of the mega-stores. I have found them in BJ's and Super Walmart. Good luck!

      1. Thanks
        I wanted to cook them i in a slow braisewith lots of mushrooms and red wine.
        I tried all the supermarkets around here, including wal-mart and super wal-mart.
        Finally found them where I should have gone in the first place!- Westerly packing company in westerly RI. Will cook them this weekend when I get tired of turkey!
        Happy Thanksgiving