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Two new-ish places in Ridgewood... Sabores (Peruvian) and Long Lai (Thai)

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  • K2000 Nov 19, 2011 03:03 PM
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More of a heads-up than review (I haven't even tried Sabores yet) since Ridgewood is pretty dismal for restaurants (you have to walk 15 minutes just to get mediocre food).

Sabores is on the corner of Stanhope and Woodward, across from the cemetary. Billed as "Peruvian and International" it was formerly a bar/restaurant that seemed to function more as a bar. Now it's under new management and my impression is that the emphasis is on food now. It smells fantastic when I walk by, but I haven't tried it yet.

Long Lai is sharing the space with the sandwich shop/lunch place on Stockholm and Seneca (377 Seneca). After about 4pm, they start serving Thai food. I've had take-out from them about 4 times (there's a dining room there, but it has a strange ambiance, and I live steps away). The food is good, not amazing, Thai. As far as I know, it's the only Thai restaurant in the area. Pad Thai was good, a little strange to me (but everybody prefers it prepared differently). Lad Nar was very good, not soupy like some places. Best thing I've had from them. Good Som Tum (spicy!) and the Thai Kock appetizer was good (Thai sausage, my first time tasting that). Basil chicken, Tom Kha soup, and "Fresh" Rolls: all good. This will not become your favorite Thai restaurant in NYC, but it will be your favorite in Ridgewood :)

Just a heads up since these places do not look very busy, and it's good to see new restaurants turning up in a neighborhood that's a little under-served in that department.

Bravo Cafe Concert
377 Seneca Ave, Queens, NY 11385

392 Woodward Ave, Queens, NY 11385

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  1. Hi K2000,

    I think this place might still be around. I'm not sure and it's been a while since I've been there.

    Thai Village
    881 Woodward Ave

    I've tried it a couple of times and it was nothing special for Thai food.

    However, it was still light-years better than the slop doled out by any Chinese take-out place in Ridgewood or Glendale that I've tried. The one exception is Double Chinese on Myrtle Avenue, which is, at times, edible.

    Yes, slop is a fair description here - food-like substances that are just about tasteless and hurl-worthy. I wish I were exaggerating. This stuff blows chunks - heck, it IS chunks - chunks that get blown!!! Blecch! Blecch!! BLECCCCHHH!!!!!!!!! Excuse me while I wipe my mouth. I got ill just writing about it.

    Anyway, I really don't know what it is with this area and Asian restaurants. It ain't that far out in the sticks.


    Glendale is hungry...

    Double Chinese
    61-10 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385

    Thai Village
    881 Woodward Ave, Queens, NY 11385

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    1. re: Glendale is hungry

      Thanks for the reply (I like your posts, I've referred to them when I am looking for local places). I haven't walked that way on Woodward for a while, I'll have to check that place out. The nearby Super Pollo has pretty good rotisserie chicken. But that's a 15 minute walk for me. Maybe Thai Village replaced the Polish (or was it Continental) restaurant that was on the block?

      Long Lai is a lot closer for me. You may be familiar with the breakfast/lunch place that Long Lai shares facilities with (it may be all in the family). And Sabores is really really close, I really should give them some business.

      392 Woodward Ave, Queens, NY 11385

      Super Pollo
      865 Woodward Ave, Queens, NY 11385

      1. re: K2000

        Hi K2000,

        Many thanks! I'm really glad the posts have come in handy.

        And thanks also for the info about Long Lai and Sabores! I didn't know about either and will have to check them out.

        Yeah, I agree. Even if Long Lai is only good Thai as opposed to amazing, it would be sooooooo much better than what is currently out here in the (Bush-Ridge? Quee-Broo?) borderlands.


        Glendale is hungry...

        392 Woodward Ave, Queens, NY 11385