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Nov 19, 2011 02:47 PM

Looking for great meatballs

I am looking for preparred food, rather than a dish to be eaten in a restaurant. Has anyone had Dibruno Bros. meatballs?

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  1. We like the ones from Trader Joe's.

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    1. re: sylviag

      Seconded. And they're inexpensive, as opposed to DiBruno's, which are just OK, IMO. If you're going to spend the money, I prefer the ones from Carlino's in Ardmore.

    2. Would you consider take-out? I had some great meatballs in a sandwich at Santucci's today, they'd probably sell you a bunch. I've also been interested to try Marabella's.

      It's been a few years since I've had the ones at DiBrunos, but I remember them being good.

      Marabella's Cafe
      202 E 6th St Ste B, New Castle, DE 19720

      1. I admittedly haven't tried these yet, but they were featured on Food Wars and won. Villa di Roma has prepared meatballs and sauces that you can purchase and take home.

        In the off hand chance that you have time, I could post a recipe I use for meatballs if you'd like. I usually won't order meatballs anywhere because I feel that my mother's recipe is just as good or better. Just my opinion though.

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          Talluto's makes a nice meatball as well. They have multiple locations in the greater Philadelphia area.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Talluto's +1. best. meatballs. ever.

          2. re: tzanghi

            Villa d'Roma's meatballs are very good! I haven't had Tallutos though

          3. If you are looking for raw to cook yourself, I would recommend Sam's Italian Market in Willow Grove PA. For cooked meatballs, go to Silvio's in Hatboro. They have them for sandwiches, but they will sell them in just sauce for you to take home.

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            1. re: tbman28

              Thanks so much for all these ideas. I have been to Sam's recently but didn't see meatballs. Where do they keep them? I had an excellent hoagie there BTW; It was their deluxe. My only complaint was the bread (they make it themselves) which was chewy bready, instead of being chewy crunchy, if that makes any sense.

              1. re: asmith

                They have meatball hoagies. Like I said, tell them you want meatballs to take home. They will do it for you.

                  1. re: tbman28

                    I went to Sam's Market on Friday and asked about fresh meatballs. They didn't have any but showed me to the freezer. They have a 9 meatball quart container with sauce or a much larger quantity. Since I cook for two, I got the smaller quantity and defrosted half of it for dinner. I have to admit, I am not a meatball expert, but I really liked them; especially the texture which was tender as opposed to that bouncy quality some meatballs I've had. I still am curious about Tallutos and Silvios. Will report back as I make those trips.

                    1. re: asmith

                      Sam's does only have them frozen. However, they are made on premises, from scratch. They have regular size and minis as well. On the other side of the case where you got the meatballs and sauce, they sell meatballs without sauce in both sizes. I buy the mini ones for my wife and I . Let them defrost in the fridge. Fry them in a sauce pan with a light drizzle of olive oil that you can deglaze with some red wine. Reserve that liquid and add it to you sauce along with the meatballs. It makes a tasty dish!

                      1. re: tbman28

                        Great tips tbman28. I will follow your instructions.

              2. Here's another vote for Talluto's! The meatballs and sauce are DELISH. I go out of my way and pay the extra $$ to get these for parties and everyone loves them.

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                1. re: ssturn

                  Another vote for Talluto's here. This South Philly Italian girl is very picky about store bought meatballs, and theirs are very good. I also like Francoluigi's takeout.