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Nov 19, 2011 02:44 PM

Orlando seafood

What's the best seafood restaurant in Orlando near Peabody hotel? Hoping to find a place with locally-sourced fish, not something shipped in from Hawaii or New England.

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  1. Good luck with that! I tried to get recommendations on the same topic last year and was told that it's one of Orlando's restaurant wastelands - no fresh seafood restaurants in Orlando!! I found the best fresh fish at the Ravenous Pig in Winter Park, and I doubt that it was locally-sourced. If you find something that fits, please post it so the rest of us can patronize the place.

    1. Big Fin is a decent option and a short cab ride from the Peabody - some of its "fresh catch" is local.

      Best fish in town is at Luma, but that's quite a ride from International Drive (not a seafood place but he does great stuff with fish and his style is local and seasonal)

      One other option might be the Winter Park Fish Company. Overall, though, it's a pretty sad situation

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        How's Ocean Prime?

        Ocean Prime
        7339 W Sand Lake Rd # 400, Orlando, FL

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          It's OK but pricey. It's a small upscale chain (kind of like Oceanaire in that it's basically a Capital Grill or Ruth's Chris for seafood). You're not going to get much local stuff there nor is it really all about the seafood. Really, if you're in that area I'd go with Big Fin or if you want that particular experience save the cab fare and just walk over to Oceanaire next door to your hotel in Pointe Orlando.

          I have another idea for you: If you like stone crab claws they're in season right now, and a place called Johnny's Hideaway does them up right. They're expensive and the rest of the menu is just OK, but stone crabs are amazing and really the best reflection of what's in season in Florida right now.

          One final thought: call up Chatham's Place right near Ocean Prime and see what their specials are on the night you are interested. It is one of our best restaurants but not a specifically devoted seafood place. However, they do great things when they have fish - plus their standard menu item of local black grouper in pecan butter may be the best fish dish in ALL of Central Florida. Do note it is a quiet somewhat romantic place so I wouldn't use it for a business meal beyond a one-on-one encounter.

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            Thanks YosemiteSam--I've bookmarked your guide to Orlando restaurants--once I started researching, I realized you are "El Capitan".

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