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Nov 19, 2011 02:30 PM

Lunch or Brunch on Sunday in Lambertville?

I need a place for a relaxed lunch or brunch in Lambertville. Could also go to New Hope, though parking there is so horrendous. Thanks for any tips!

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  1. Here's one of NJ's shining star restaurants in Hopewell
    ....a mere 15 minutes away from Lambertville: They are open for lunch and dinner tomorrow. Great food and outstanding service.....parking is not an issue:)

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    1. re: maryanne06

      I love Blue Bottle, but their website indicates they are not open at all on Sundays. Also, my friend is coming from Philly, which is why I requested ideas for Lambertville. :)

      Blue Bottle Cafe
      101 E Broad St, Hopewell, NJ 08525

    2. We've always enjoyed lunches (and breakfasts too) at the Full Moon on Bridge Street. I've seen this place described as funky, eclectic and 'hippie cool'; all I know is that the food is good.

      Added in Edit: From my experience, parking in Lambertville on a Sunday can also be a challenge.

      Full Moon
      23 Bridge St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

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      1. re: ambrose

        Inn of the Hawk is my go to place in Lambertville. About four blocks off of bridge street it is a restaurant and a B&B. In the summer you can dine in their garden. Relaxed dining room or sit at the bar. Full Moon is good, Caffe Galleria is where I prefer to go if I want breakfast brunch items. Relaxed restaurant with a wide variety of offerings including vegan and vegetarian.

        1. re: cwdonald

          A quick update on Caffe Galleria. It appears that they are now the providers of breakfast at the Lambertville House hotel on bridge street and that their stand alone location has closed.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Thanks for the ideas. I decided to try Marsha Brown in New Hope. But then when I tried to reserve through open table it said there were no openings at midday on a Sunday for the next 8 weeks! Is the place that good? Decided to go instead to El Tule in L-ville, and swell little Mexican/Peruvian place that I've eaten at twice and loved.

            1. re: elk

              Elk, did you try phoning Marsha Brown? It's hard to believe that there's nothing available for the next eight weeks!

              Could you please elaborate on your lunch at El Tule. This is a place I keep meaning to go to. What do you recommend?

              1. re: ambrose

                I did actually phone Marsha brown a bit later in the morning, and they answered and said they could accommodate us. I asked why they thought Open Table had told me no way, and they were nebulous in their response. So we ate there, and it was excellent. I had the Eggplant Ophelia (I think it was called that), with eggplant, shrimp and crabmeat. My date had the crawfish etoufee, and it was good too. For dessert we split a piece of pecan pie, and that was quite good. With 2 iced teas, and 2 coffees, we paid $60 with tax and tip.

                I am eager to return to El Tule as well. The best thing I've had there was a sort of peruvian sampler--hard to recall all that was on it, but I loved it. The folks who run the place are very warm, and they bring each customer a little sample of pisco sour at the end of your meal. (it's BYO) They have separate mexican and Peruvian menus---check out their website.

      2. With the scores of restaurants in Lambertville, why would you leave town for lunch?

        For something relaxing, you might try Lily's on the Canal. Low noise level, interesting lunch menu, nice venue.

        Lambertville Station isn't bad for lunch either, they've gotten a bit better in the last couple of years.

        If you must leave town, the Stockton Inn's latest incarnation is supposed to be excellent. The place was always gorgeous and I presume that is unchanged. The town is quite bucolic, only 5 min from Lambertville. I haven't been yet, though, since the new owners took over.

        I don't like New Hope, either, Lambertville is a different world yet just a short bridge crossing away...

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        1. re: menton1

          Several reasons. My date had never been to the area, so i thought that meeting in L-ville and walking over the bridge to NH on a nice day would be fun--and it was. I had the sense that the food and ambience at MB would be right for a first date, and they were. I considered Lily's, but the last meal I had there was disappointing--greasy eggplant fries and boring and overcooked salmon sandwich. Like the food at Marhaba but the chairs are torture to sit in. Didin't think that L-ville Station was very well-regarded. Considered Inn of the Hawke but saw some dubious online reviews and it gave me pause. Considered Stockton, but wanted to stroll around Lambertville and show it to my date. El Tule would have been a good choice, but since my last 2 first dates there were social disasters, I thought it might be bad luck. :) But I do hear you on the fact that New Hope is a sad hole compared to Lambertville. We returned to Lville after lunch and enjoyed a long perambulation.

          Inn of the Hawke
          74 S Union St, Lambertville, NJ 08530