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Nov 19, 2011 02:20 PM

Storing 2 lbs Chocolate Bars from TJs?

Bought two 1-lb Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars from TJs yesterday because I run through the single 3.5 oz bars rather quickly and figured it's cheaper and more convenient to buy in bulk and use it as I need.

How should I store them so that they'll last as long as possible? They're currently in the original wrappings although I have a feeling (that within the next 5 min) they'll be opened soon.. Should I wrap them in plastic wrap after opening? Or just roll/fold and tape down the original wrapper..? Airtight container? Does chocolate need to 'breathe'? O_o Put them in a brown paper bag..? Aluminum foil? Ziplock bag?

My (small!) apt is fairly cool in the winter, especially by the windows (which is where I currently store my canned goods) and more so if I open the windows but I dont know how I would control humidity..

Just FYI: Rather than to be consumed by itself (except, perhaps, during emergencies that may arise on a monthly basis), I bought the large bulk with the intention to use the chocolate in recipes - particularly hot chocolate since I like the thick, european hot chocolate, but also including Molten Chocolate Lava Cake and Chocolate Mocha Pot de Creme (foodwishes).

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  1. I have a plastic storage container (Rubbermaind) that always has one of these bars in it, broken up into chunks (even individual squares if I'm industrious). I eat a square or two a day.

    I don't think chocolate needs any special wrapping, but a container like this contains the crumbs, keeps it away from dust and odors. And don't let it get too hot (about comfortable room temperature), else it will develop 'bloom' - the gray color.

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      I use either a plastic container like you describe or gallon size freezer weight ziploc bags.

    2. We keep ours in the frig and have a square a night--melts in our mouths.

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        Ms.Junsu- How do you make hot chocolate, please?