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Nov 19, 2011 02:11 PM

SF Restaurants not yet 100% booked for Thanksgiving

Any decent mid-range restaurants not fully booked on Thanksgiving Day? In the past we've gone to McCormick and Kuleto's for crab, but they're full.

Anything comparable? Doesn't even have to be in S.F. proper, but on the water would be good - S.F., Sausalito,etc.

Must be ok with two well-behaved kids.

221 Powell St., San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. I just received from OpenTable a list of the restaurants that let you book via OT that still have openings in my area for Thanksgiving day, so I figured there are probably similar lists for SF.

    So I did a search for "opentable san francisco open thanksgiving" which leads to the OpenTable page for SF for Thanksgiving, and if you click the "Find a Table" link it showed 148 restaurants with openings for a party of 4.

    So you should be able to parse that list and find the right spot for your family.

    1. Opentable shows McCormick & Kuleto has openings. What time?

      Of the places that show up on Opentable, I'd probably go with Zaré at Fly Trap.

      Zare at Fly Trap
      606 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

      McCormick & Kuleto's
      900 North Point Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

      1. Are you looking for crab and not turkey?

        Crab House on Pier 39 has gotten some positive reports about the crab. I can't imagine it would be worse tha McCormick's and probably less expensive. There is a great view and they serve a Traditional Thanksgiving dinner if others in your party want that. I wouldn't send anyone there for the Thanksgiving dinner alone which is ok, but if you want crab and on the water and Thanksgiving dinner it might do it for you.

        Still, check out opentable as another poster mentioned. They often have available tables that are specifically allocated to them. So calling might get you an 'all full' response but opentable will have some.

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          Thanks. We're hoping for crab, not turkey. I've re-awakened my Open Table account - thanks to all.

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            Speaking of Pier 39, does anyone know anything about Fog Harbor Fish House? It claims it uses only sustainable seafood.

            Fog Harbor Fish House
            202 San Pier 39 #A, Francisco, CA 94133