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Nov 19, 2011 11:22 AM

Indian/Pakistani....Better than Tayyabs in Whtechapel ???

I love tayyabs in whitechapel ,,,the best chops ever, great food, nice atmos...reasonable...BUT...a line up like for a concert on a friday or saturday,,,so......i confess i even tried on a dodgy recommendation another joint nearby Mirch Masala...chops were definitely superb...but atmospher of a bus station and the mains were .....desperately seeking an alternative to Tayyabs in whitechapel or nearby that a) has great food b)has a modicum ot atmophere and c) has either a licence or BYOB this too much to ask ?

so curry lovers ....suggestions please...

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  1. I prefer Needoo to Tayyabs. It's run by an ex-Tayyabs manager and is BYOB. Very similar menu and in my opinion some parts of it are better executed. (Though naans are a bit variable.) I'm a particular fan of the dry meat. Also Needoo has much less queue than Tayyabs!

    I'm not sure about the branch in Whitechapel as I've always been to the Tooting branch of Mirch Masala, but their karahi gohst is wonderful. And they do reliably good naan.

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      thanks for this....Needoo, is it a chain or a one off....maybe we had a bad night but the Mirch Masala in whitechapel was great for kebab, chop, starters....but really greasy and dull mains,,not fresh at all, the lamb was terrible. But needoo sounds worth a try.

      1. re: Minister of Kebab

        I would second Needoo. It is a one-off place. I think the prices and the quality of the food is also more reasonable than Lahore but I haven't been to Delhi Grill so couldn't give an opinion!

    2. I personally prefer the Delhi Grill and Lahore Kebab House to Tayyabs.

      Lahore is better food although not by very much and the atmosphere at Tayyabs is much better. Delhi Grill much better on all fronts I think apart from lamb chops.