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Nov 19, 2011 11:17 AM

Balsamic Glaze

Whether it is at a restaurant or something you make at home, what are some of your favorite dishes that include a balsamic glaze reduction?

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  1. Fried green tomatoes with blue cheese, crab and a balsamic glaze drizzled over the top.

    1. real balsamic is preferred, but failing that, i love balsamic reduction on chunks of parmigiano reggiano, its also great drizzled over grilled prosciutto wrapped radicchio, prosciutto wrapped grilled peach/apricot/nectarine/figs

      hmm anything grilled and involving salty pork it would seem :P

      also a small amount drizzled over strawberries is nice as well, if you had a really nice reduction it could be good over vanilla ice cream as well.

      1. I love Bruschetta with fresh diced tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh basil, with a drizzle of garlic Parmesan dressing and balsamic reduction. I use a condiment bottle ( like the ones used by the sub shops) and drizzle a "Z" on each piece. It looks prettier than plan Bruschetta. I also love warm Apple Balsamic Reduction dressing on grilled veggies.

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          02putt, i think you might like my recipe for easy "roasted" tomatoes, as it incorporates many similar flavors:

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            Hi alkapal no problem to give you the recipe but did you want the roasted tomatoes that I freeze or the ones for the Bruschetta? The ones on the Bruschetta are fresh. Just let me know which one you would like and I will provide it no problem.

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              i was actually giving you my recipeā€¦ ;-)).

              i like your idea, too! i love those flavors together. one summer we made ourselves so stuffed with bruschetta and loads of summer tomatoes and basil from the back yard. we could NOT get enough! that summer -- too -- we were fools for gazpacho, with extra cucumber and some nice sherry vinegar or simply red wine vinegar!

              the balsamic glaze is so nice to counter the acidity of the fresh tomatoes -- to heighten their sweetness, too.

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                Oops can you tell I am hurrying? Getting ready to head south for 3 weeks before Christmas and have a million things on my mind. lol Thanks for the recipe. The balsamic vinegar does offset not only the tomatoes but the feta as well.

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                  LOL -- have a great trip!

                  ps, make a written "to do" list if you haven't --it always helps keep me on track before i go on an extended trip.

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                    Thanks alkapal! I am the queen of lists. Grocery Store, To Do, Honey Do (my personal favorite), Chores. I am lost without one. I am like that with receipts as well. Now that the kids are grown they get an envelope at Christmas with all their receipts in it in case something has to be returned and that way they can do it on their own. I hope to bring back some great recipes from St Martin I can share.

                    1. re: 02putt

                      oh yeah buddy -- a culinary adventure in st. martin! excellent. we don't really have a lot of discussion of caribbean foods here on home cooking. thanks for taking one for the team!

                      and we like food pictures, by the way. lots of pictures!

        2. Roasted brussel-sprouts, grilled or roasted peaches, asparagus.

          1. Over a Cauliflower Gratin or Tart.

            Over a Roasted Veggie Egg White Omelette.

            As a replacement for the caramelized syrup in flan... a very different twist.

            as noted above ice cream... a fine vanilla or... Brown Sugar Browned Butter Ice Cream for real decadence.