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Nov 19, 2011 10:52 AM

Spending time in Cleveland for Christmas with Family.

Looking to Take my wife to very nice dinner while we are there, is Lola the way to go? Or are there better options?

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  1. DH and I went to Cleveland for my birthday weekend and went to Lola. I really enjoyed it. Very upscale but not too stuffy. I am not a big meat eater but had the best scallops I've ever had. DH had a pork dish and loved it. I say go for it.

    1. Lola is wonderful but do not overlook Crop. They recently moved to the new location and the restaurant is very attractive and the food is outstanding.

      1. It might be a little more casual than what you are looking for, but for my money, the best food in Cleveland is at Greenhouse Tavern.

        The Greenhouse Tavern
        2038 E 4th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115

        1. Depends what you mean by "very nice". All three posters have named delicious options. Look at their menus online to see which food most appeals to you.

          I'd add Dante to their list - together, probably Cleveland's finest four. Moxie and Fire, both a little further from downtown, are also outstanding. Again, it really depends on what you are looking for.

          1. What do you like? If you want New American locally sourced food and don't mind tattooed waiters then Greenhouse or Crop will be awesome. If you want 80 year old waiters and white tablecloths and solid classic dishes in a great setting I would go Johnny's Downtown (ask for a table in the front so you can see Terminal Tower all lit up). Lola is a solid choice, as you know, and mix of both those atmospheres.

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              Thank you all for the suggestions...I am looking for great food, and I do not mind what the servers look like as long the service is good. But I think I am going to go with Lola, been to Johnnies and its good.

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                  Agree with R N R1. Went to Lola in Sept and in spite of high expectations, I was very pleased! Hanger Steak with pickle sauce was delicious...