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Nov 19, 2011 08:13 AM

Oxford, Ohio Farmers Market and Help with Restaurants

Our granddaughters attend Miami of Ohio University and we travel down to Oxford, Ohio quite often. We would like some recommendations of things to do, places to see and where to eat when we are in that area. Thank you very much.

By the way anytime we are in Oxford, Ohio on a Saturday morning we head over to the Farmers Market..right downtown.

It is one of the best ones we have ever gone to. They have an Artisian Bread...the Red Pepper and Kalamarta Olive bread is wonderful. Another booth I dream about is the homemade cupcakes. You dream it they have it!

We have wandered over to Jungle Jims and what a place. Don't miss it.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Jungle Jim's Cafe
1923 N Peoria Rd, Springfield, IL 62702

Red Pepper
204 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219

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