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Nov 19, 2011 07:33 AM

Latino Restaurant near Lansdale

Looking for a good Latino restaurant near Lansdale and am not interested in going to Salsa's or Los Sarapes. Not concerned on ambiance, more focused on quality of food.

Want to thank everyone in advance for your replies!! TRC

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  1. When you say Latino, are you specifically meaning Mexican? Or do you have a broader view? Also how far are you willing to drive?

    1. Think there is still one in souderton. I'll cruise past where mia ranchero used to be and try to get the name for ya soon. El Cactus should still be around as well, I love their food, it is Mexican.

      1. Not necessarily Mexican, wife is Colombian and didn't want to drive to Philly to Tierra Colombiano. Like all south/central American cuisine.

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          Well in addition to El Sarape you have Tamarindos just down the street. BYO and decent food. In phoenixville you have a guatamalan restaurant Antigua Guatamala. Not sure if that is too far. I also remember a central american restaurant in Norristown. And then there is Tex Mex connection in North Wales. Definitely more Tex than mex.

          There are a myriad of mexican restaurants in Norristown, Taqueria La Michoacana being the best known.

        2. Thought I'd close the thread with an update, we ended up going to Mad Mex and were very dissapointed. Place was packed, which unto itself was not a problem, but the food was lacking but as others have said, very very salty.

          Won't go back, but will be going to some of the places cwdonald recommended, thanks!!

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            There is a brand new Mexican restaurant in Skippack called La Villa Mexican Grille. I haven't been there yet, but they seem to be getting rave reviews on Yelp

            1. re: Chefmonty

              I'll have to check it out Chefmonty. Strolling around Skippack isn't exactly relaxing though. I'm used to New Hope where the traffic isn't roaring through town. CP have they ever considered a speed limit through town? Just wondering.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                I think there is. Further up 73 it is 55 mph. I think it is something like 35 or 40 mph through town. FYI, La Villa Mexican Grille is next to Skippack Italian Market

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                  the speed limit on 73 through Skippack is 35mph, once you get through the village, it goes up from there in either direction to 45, but if you're heading towards 363 be careful, because it drops back to 35mph and there's always a state trooper hanging out in the church parking lot on the right hand side (travelling from Skippack towards Rte 363)

            2. if you're interested in takeout, my stepson says that the place on Walnut Street over by Nadia has really good food (never knew the name, had to google it)
              Alaxa's Mexican Market
              111 Walnut Street, Lansdale, PA 19446-2417
              (215) 362-3985