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Nov 19, 2011 07:27 AM

BBQ/Fried chicken place in 20s that closed years ago

Does anyone remember the name of that place on 27th or 28th near 5th/ b'way I think?
The owner used to park his van outside and they served BBQ, fried chicken and soul food.
Place was a bit rundown and a little expensive but the food was good.

I cant remember the name and its driving me crazy! Mr. something?

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    1. I think it closed after a fire in the kitchen.

      Last time I will bump my own thread-tacky I know, but this is driving me crazy.

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        1. re: chowdom

          Thanks for the shot, but nah thats not it. Kind of a dreary place, few if any windows. Famous for its BBQ and honey fried chicken. At the time it was one of the few places serving BBQ in the city aside from virgils and dallas. 28th or 27th between fifth and bway I think

          Thanks for the try though!