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May 12, 2006 12:38 AM

Strawberry Festival in Oxnard (May 20, 21) ... is it worth going?

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Curious to hear some feedback on this event ... any thoughts?

Thinking about going. Thanks.


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  1. Not really worth it. Lots of strawberry and canned whipped cream on a base kinds of things, deep fried twinkies, that sort of nonsense. Beer with a strawberry in it. Feh.

    Instead of wasting your time and money on that, find a Farmer's Market with Harry's Berries, spend the $4 a basket for a few luscious Gaviotas or Seascapes and have a small, delicious strawberry feast.

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      GO GO GO. I say GO and you want to know why? Because all the best strawberries are being sold OUTSIDE the festival on the streets along the way to the festival. You will find the best strawberries of the season at rock bottom prices because so many vendors are competing for business.

    2. Quite possibly the lamest festival I've ever attended. Husband and I still make fun of it. Hardly anything strawberry going on there - just a few vendors selling boxes that look worse than the stuff you can get at any farmer's market in LA.

      1. Don't waste your time or GAS. The other posters are absolutely right. Plus the crowds and terrible parking really make it a nightmare.

        1. As exciting and culturally stimulating as the Armadillo Festival in Mobile, Alabama.

          1. Went about 5 years ago, sucked then, friends went last year, sucked then, I doubt it'll be any better now! Let me know how it goes if U go.