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Nov 18, 2011 09:02 PM

Cracked Granite. They say normal. I say BS. What do you think??

Installed by a granite company in Woodinville, Washington.

This company also sells very expensive Cad imaging software to fabricators. They can not stop talking about how they are the best and that no one can provide an end result like the one they can because of this amazing software.

Take a look and tell me what you think. In the pictures you will see there is a visible split/gap. Meaning you can stick your finger nail in the crack and feel a crack. This is not a mark in the stone that is visible below the surface it is a crack. I can be felt at the edge and can be felt below just prior to mesh material glued to the bottom of the stone. The glue and mesh cover the crack so it is not visible from below but it is there no doubt in my mind.

They say it is normal and it is part of the beauty of the stone. I say BS. I spent 8,000.00 to have this stone installed.

What do you think of this amazing enhancement to the stone?

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  1. Unless you ordered the Venus de Milo model I would be furious. Invite some local news crews to your house.

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    1. re: SanityRemoved

      Trust me I agree with you. The first thing they said was it's fissure even before seeing my pictures. Sounds like fissure is the common BS line used in this industry.

      1. re: duckspanked

        The fissure excuse that is being adopted really shows the lack of pride and craftsmanship that has become commonplace.

    2. I found this article describing fissures and cracks. Sounds like fissures are not unusual, though I would probably select a slab without any visible. The site does say you should NOT be able to catch a fingernail in a fissure. I think the company is trying to convince you that is what you have. I lean toward the BS. Was it installed with the crack in it?

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      1. re: calliope_nh

        Read the article. Article states a fissure is never only in one place. It is in only one place. It also states you should not be able to catch a finger nail or business card in it. I can catch a finger nail in it. So if this article is correct it is a crack not a fissure.

      2. Fissure or not make them replace it. I know we picked out our slab on site. On the several times we picked granite we picked our slab on site. One at least one occasion I questioned if we got the slab we selected but there were no obvious flaws. This is pretty significant and unless you are turned on but the rustic look then make them replace it. It would make a great consumer segment on the local news. Put their reputation to the test. Love to see the newscaster quoting their "we're the best" with a video of your granite.

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        1. re: scubadoo97

          Thanks for the suggestion--that is a likely scenario to get the response I would like. I'm waiting for them to come and "assess" the "vein"--as they referred to it as after seeing my photos.

        2. I hope you haven't yet paid in full. Dollars owed usually provides some amount of leverage.

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          1. re: CindyJ

            Thank goodness the last payment is still in my bank account!

          2. Doesn't look right to me and may worsen over time as the slab settles. At min, they should repair it. A good installer can probably conceal it with some type of colored joint compound (mastic?). I've seen good and bad joint concealing jobs, so beware. I'd ask for some type of discount if they go this route. Good luck.

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            1. re: pharmnerd

              I will be asking for a discount regardless of the method of repair.