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Nov 18, 2011 08:13 PM

Counteract too much butter taste?

I made an icing, that for a variety of reasons, has too much of a butter taste to it. Is there anything simple that I can add to cut the taste?

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  1. Could you just add more sugar and then only use part of the icing, saving the rest for something else?

    1. something acidic will usually do the trick. in the case of icing, orange or lemon juice and maybe zest could work, if those flavors complement the thing to be iced.

      1. You could try beating some softened cream cheese into it. I dislike buttercream because of the overwhelming butter taste and oily mouthfeel, but I don't mind it when it also includes cream cheese.

        1. i had that problem i just was mixing bad be sure u mix it good and for long!!!! it gets puffy and awesome and it will taste good and wont taste too much buttery and NEVER EVER warm the butter for making it room temp even from freezer or.... that will give it fat and horrible taste!!!

          1. also i heard salted butter can cause this problem!!! in Iran i don't think i can find unsalted buttery:PP