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Fresh/handmade pasta

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I need to find some handmade lasagne noodles tomorrow (plain or spinach). I'm at Christie & Bloor and am looking for something close-ish. Suggestions?

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  1. Bologna Pastificio
    City’s freshest, tastiest pasta, scrumptious prepared lasagna, manicotti and numerous fresh uncooked noodles.
    2895 Dufferin St. (south of Lawrence Ave. W.),

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      blui, are you the writer for Toronto Life? http://www.torontolife.com/features/h...

      Can anybody vouch for this place - looking for ravioli sheets for tonight but my fave SLM is closed.


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        Thanks blui and justsayn -- was hoping for something a little closer (St. Clair to College area), but may have to go a little further.

      2. Queen's pasta ? Bloor & Runnymede, not sure, but, I think they still have a retail location across the restaurant on Bloor.

        1. Maybe not handmade but there are fresh lasagna sheet noodles at Fiesta Farm.

          Fiesta Farms
          200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

          1. I know it's an old post, BUT -
            Best fresh handmade pasta downtown is at Carlo's on Yonge Street above Davisville.
            Ask him to cut his fettuccine a little wider - pappardelle style!

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              is this that place that looks like an empty storefront with a bunch of chest freezers lining the walls, little or no signage, and a coupla dudes in the back doing something or another? if so, we walked in there excited about fresh pasta and promptly left feeling vaguely creeped out. would be pleased to learn that it is actually an actual pasta store and not ... well, not something else.

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                It might look like that; but If you go in and talk to someone they are always very friendly and helpful. I imagine he makes a lot of pasta for local restaurants. I went there once as I had to make a pasta course for 35. I agonized over portion size, as I usually don't cook for so many. The guy there was totally helpful and gave me a great tip. Freeze it! - and when you need it, get your BIG pentola or pot going and drop it in frozen! It was superb, and I'm still getting asked how I pulled it off!
                But that's downtown! My Very! Favourite! fresh pasta place is actually in Vaughn, Only Pasta Inc. at 457 Jevlan Drive across from the Grande Cheese. (not sure if Grande Cheese is still there, it's been a while) It's in a small industrial-park row across from the best Italian cookie place in town called Confetione Pallazone or something. Both places are outstanding!