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Nov 18, 2011 07:15 PM

Gourmet gluten-free hors d’oeuvres

Hey foodies!

I'm looking for some elegant and delicious gluten-free hors d’oeuvres to serve for the holidays. Problem is: they're hard to find! Let's start a helpful compilation for all of us gluten-free foodies! I'll begin with a great recipe for gougeres I found:

Thanks and happy holidays!

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  1. Wow, the gougeres look great. I'll forward to a celiac friend - thanks!

    Sear a piece of sesame-crusted tuna (can marinate it in soy, garlic, ginger, etc). Slice and serve it on rice crackers w/ a small dollop of wasabi and a splash of soy. So easy.

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      1. Brush cremini mushrooms clean. Pull the stems and turn them, bottom side up, on baking sheet. Chop the stems very fine and mix with parmesan cheese and gluten free bread crumbs. Stuff the upturned creminis withi the mixture, heat under the broiler. Serve warm.

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          I was going to suggest stuffed mushrooms, using cooked rice instead of breadcrumbs. That reminds me... those Italian rice balls... arancini

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            Arancini with a quality melted cheese center. Now that's elegant. Wish I'd thought of that first.

        2. More ideas than recipes

          Seafood salad (shrimp and mango, with a little thai-style sweet-chili-lime dressing is good, maybe herbs on top) in endive leaves.

          I toast thin slices of Against The Grain baguette brushed with olive oil under the broiler. An optional rub with a raw garlic clove and they're ready for anything. The most popular one here is some local charcuterie, a bit of mustard or horseradish, sharp cheese (aged cheddar or gouda) and thinly sliced apple. Sauteed greens topped with a bit of fresh ricotta is excellent, too. If you can't get (or eat) the baguette for whatever reason, you could try a thick-cut potato chip.

          Dried apricots topped with a sage leave and wrapped in bacon. Broil, then brush with a little maple syrup if you want.

          Asian-chicken salad on little wedges of lettuce leaf (or green cabbage, which is sturdier - just make sure it isn't too strongly flavored)

          Small pieces of a spanish tortilla

          Cucumbers topped with smoked salmon mousse or smoked salmon and cream cheese might be a bit dated, but they're still popular.

          Fresh fruit and cured meat. The old standby is cantaloupe and prosciutto, but there are plenty of tasty combinations if you can get the meat sliced thinly enough.

          Shrimp/chicken/beef/pork skewers - a million ways to spice and sauce

          Summer rolls (I can get quite small wrappers, or you can trim them down)

          Polenta sandwiches with stuff - spread the polenta thin and let cool, cut into 2 equal-sized pieces. Layer in a chilled, thick, savory filling. Cut into diamonds. When you're ready to serve, reheat in a very hot oven on parchment.

          Goat cheese with herbs wrapped in softened strips (cut with a veggie peeler) of carrot or zucchini

          I could go on for ages, and most of the food-sites have massive collections of appetizers listed now. A great many are either originally gluten free, or trivially converted.

          1. Make polenta, stir in your favourite additions like goat cheese and chopped baby spinach to wilt, then pour into greased or lined muffin tins (mini-sized, if you can). Let cool to room temperature and broil to brown the tops just before putting them out.

            I have no idea how amenable you are to pickling things, but Persian-style pickles are delicious and go well with cured meats and crispy seed flatbread:, and there are varied recipes online. If you go this route, do make sure you pickle whole garlic cloves -- I always steal all of these out of the dish when we get torshi for the table at a resto.

            And what, no love for devilled eggs? Surely it's possible to CH those up! :)

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              Ina Garten has good delilled eggs recipe on Food network - with smoked salmon garnished with salmon roe and chives - elegant, festive and delicious.

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                you can also use firm polenta (cut into whatever shape you like) as a bread substitute to hold a wide variety of toppings. some of my favorites: pesto, mushroom ragout or duxelles, sun-dried tomato & white bean dip, caponata, tapenade, herbed ricotta...

                frittata bites are lovely too.