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Nov 18, 2011 06:57 PM

Boynton Beach

Any ideas for any can't miss food in Boynton Beach...BBQ, seafood, DELIS.? Have car so can travel.

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  1. fantastic deli style sandwiches and seafood at Hurricane Alley on Ocean Ave. in Boynton.

    1. Looks like you're coming down from Boston?

      Boynton is not particulary a culinary hot spot at the moment.

      You might want to search this board for nearby "Delray" and "West Palm". You'll find lots of threads... look through those and maybe come back here when you've found a few places that sounds interesting.

      Right now, your question is pretty generic and you'll typically get a lot better response if you come up with 5 to 10 places that look good, and ask about them.

      Use the little Seach tool up in the top right corner. Talk to you soon!

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        Anyone have input on GOL Brazilian in Delray Beach? worthwhile or not?

        1. re: CJT

          I have been a few times and it has gone downhill. For about $40 per person you have unlimited visits to their more and more reduced salad bar/buffet/soup/plantain/mashed potato table. Most of it has become what you can make or open from a can at home like artichoke hearts, regular leaf salads, boiled egg halves, asparagus.

          The meats used to come around constantly but now it's chicken and pork intermittently (cheap cuts) and if you are lucky one piece of beef or lamb. They tell you to flip the token to green if you want food but ignore their own thing and either forget you or ignore the red token and try to feed you. Drinks are pricey too.

          It was great when it opened and the food was way more exciting and plentiful. They have singers on some evenings which are too loud. If you do decide to go anyway look around for coupons and groupons for 2 for 1.
          I personally like Cabana for Cuban food on Atlantic Avenue.