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Nov 18, 2011 04:59 PM

Pasadena - Big Daddy's Fire Grill?

Anyone have any information on this place? It's on Foothill, right next to the In 'n Out and across from the Exotic Animal Care Center / Emergency Animal Clinic. The signage advertises hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs, etc.

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  1. There was a sign out front that said it was set to open on December 1.

    Their menu has been posted on the window for several weeks. Burgers, 'Dawgs'... to me if felt like a mish-mash of everything other people are already doing. They will be serving beer/wine - but nothing more exciting than you'd find at a chain. I'm amazed at how they made a patio in that small space, but the menu didn't do anything for me.

    Oh, and their motto: "We put excitement between your buns"

    1. We were on the street getting some shots of Big Daddy's and In-N-Out at twilight Saturday, so after I finished capturing my shots I sent my daughter in to Big Daddy's to get us some dogs to try. I hung out on the sidewalk, as the power chair would have never made it through their doorway. We brought back a regular dog with mustard and onions to the Mrs. who was waiting in the car, my daughter had a bacon dog (no condiments) and I had a chili dog (no added condiments).

      We all enjoyed our dogs. They are all quarter pounders and grilled over a wood fire, reminded me of Hebrew National quarter pound franks, no casing, nice light char, juicy and mild spicing. The chili was even textured, had a nice little bite on the backend and complimented the dog.

      I would go back here and park myself on their patio, have someone order at the window for me, and wait for their staff to bring me my dog(s) and some cold brewski, if we are in the area.

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        my first visit was this weekend too... the interior of the restaurant was a pleasant surprise but my order was to go and held up well in transit. I had the Big Daddy burger with caramelized onions, catsup, and mustard only on a really nice bun (it comes with lettuce, tomatoes, house-made Dijonaise dressing). The angus burger was really flavorful and I would definitely order again.In fact this is the only burger that I have had in a restaurant that reminded me of the home-cooked burgers of my childhood. Fries were well cooked too (in peanut oil).

        1. re: foufou

          I have never been, but the security guard of my office building LOVES their burger. Absolutely loves it. For some reason, I seem to recall him talking about one that has an egg on it. I plan on going at some point and try their chili dog.

          1. re: WildSwede

            just noticed that Big Daddy's is adding a second location near California/Fair Oaks in Pasadena (adjacent to Von's)