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Nov 18, 2011 04:36 PM

Business and Pleasure in Barcelona

I am leaving in 10 days! Coming from SEA and get to have a few days (and meals) for fun while at a meeting. Staying at Hotel Arts. Done some trolling on the board, and would love some input on my food agenda.

Tues: arrive noonish, thinking late lunch at Kaiku. Dinner? Seafood? Is Alkimia too much w/ jet lag?
Wed: lunch at Boqueria. Business dinner at Casa Calvet
Thurs: All meals at Hotel Arts
Fri: Hotel and group business dinner at El Xalet
Sat: lunch? sight seeing and Quimet y Quimet?
Sat dinner - scored reservation at 41 gradas!!!!! So excited
Sun- morning flight

So questions -

Need a res at Kaiku on a Tues?
Will Boequeria be better on Tues or Sat in Nov?
Dinner on first night - anything I am categorically missing from my trip?
Appropriate lunch before 8:00 res at 41?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. 6 days to go! Can someone help with suggestions for seafood for our first night in town? Rias G?

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      After the long flight and lunch at Kaiku, you might want a big dinner as jet lag will probably set in. Go to La Paradetta in El Born for simple seafood. Can order as little or as much as you want.
      You will not need reservation at Kaiku for Tuesday lunch.
      The Boqueria is no better on Saturday than Tuesday? (your lunch there is Wednesday); just crazier and more crowded.
      As for lunch on Saturday, depends on where you'll be sightseeing and what you want to eat. Quimet y Quimet is good for lunch but I would not make a long trip there. If you are in El Ravel or Montjuic, it is convenient. You've probably know that it does not have a cooking kitchen; serve room temperature food from canned, processed, preserved, cheese and such. Everything is high quality but it is not a cheap place.