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Nov 18, 2011 03:07 PM

Half Sheet Pan Question

If I buy new ones, what do you recommend?

I have 2 gold coated ones from Wm-Sonoma that have gotten stains that won't come off.

Previously, I used some metal ones that have a black smudge when I was wash and dry them. (What IS THAT??) It stains my dish towels. (Could this have happened from using PAM on them?)

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  1. What are you using them for mostly?

    The standard commercial sheet pans are usually aluminum, which can be hard to get grease off of. I usually try to:
    a) Cook most stuff on top of parchment (you could use a silpat instead). I do this for pastry applications, like baking cookies; I'm not sure whether this would result in proper browning for, e.g., roasting vegetables, but I believe using parchment would work fine for that kind of application as well
    b) Not obsess over grease or other stains that do end up on them. After all, sheet pans are pretty cheap, and as long as the stains don't cause performance problems, I just don't worry about them.

    I think Chicago Metallic and other manufacturers make silicone glazed sheet pans, which might help a little bit, at least until the coating wears off.

    If you're really worried about it, you could try stainless steel sheet pans instead, however, I don't know if they'll perform as well.

    I think that the black smudges on your dish towels is just from the aluminum itself, but I could be wrong. Some makers of bare aluminum cookware advise "seasoning" it (with a light coating of oil). I think most cleaners that you'd use on stainless steel (especially super alkaline ones) are *not* a good idea to use on bare aluminum.

    1. I have seen those gold coated ones from Williams Sonoma too. I think those are nonstick sheet if I remember correctly -- which I may not. Have you tried to soak the pan in baking soda solution? It may help.

      I agree with will47. Most likely you were using aluminum baking pans. The black./gray color on your dish towels are loose aluminum oxide. My guess is that they are not pure black, rather darken gray.

      Baking sheets are normally made of (a) aluminum, (b) stainless steel or (c) aluminized steel.

      1. The gold touch are aluminized steel with a ceramic non stick coating. I don't have their sheet pans but I do have other gold touch ( the cake and loaf pans) Not sure what your stains are. The only ones I have that have stains are the ones with folded square corners, you just can't get in there to clean them. I try and ignore it. The sheet pans don't have folded corners though.

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          You are correct. They are aluminized steel pans. Man, now that I read the product information, I remember why I didn't buy them. They are not cheap.

        2. The alu. ones from the restaurant supply are the only kind I'll buy. Everything else is overpriced, gimicky, junky, or all three, IMO.

          I also could care less what they look like. I keep them as clean as is reasonable and might give them an occasional SOS pad scrub down, but beyond that they look like they look, black bits and all. I always use parchment liners anyway.

          editing to add that I think consistency of equipment is as important as any other aspect of baking. I am used to baking on the basic restaurant sheet pans. I like that if I need to replace them, new ones will be the same as the old and perform the same vs. some frou frou type that I'll never find again.

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          1. Agree completely on consistency. Also FWIW I have CM regular (not gold or nonstick) cookie sheets, half jelly rolls, bread, and cake pans. The cookie sheets and half jelly roll are kept presentable with steel wool and don't seem any the worse for it. The bread pans and cake pans are brown from years of seasoning with use and never get scrubbed (but always release perfectly).