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Nov 18, 2011 02:37 PM

No-Name Pizza Place in The Cosmo

This info is directly from my friend who is a Cosmo employee...

Never had a name and there are no signs directing people to it. Take the east side escalators to the third floor and it is directly in front of you, between Blue Ribbon & Jaleo. It's a short hallway with a lot of albums on the walls.

Why no name? It's the Food & Beverage director's "baby" and that's how he wants it I guess. One of the main pizza makers is a Greek guy from Queens. Good pizza but my friend and I (both native NYers, Queens specifically) think Rocco's off the strip is better.

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  1. Another native NYer here, which Rocco's are you talking about? I know there is one on Buffalo @ Charleston and one on Charleston by Costco. I've heard they're owned by the same person, heard they're not, heard they're both equally good, heard one is better. In other words totally confused by Rocco's. My favorite NY pizza (is there any other kind?) here in Vegas is either Broadway Pizzaria on Sahara or NY Pizza and Pasta on Jones@Sahara. Do you like either of those?

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      I'm assuming the reference is to the Buffalo location: I love the place but wasn't that impressed with the pizza. It really does have the feel of a Long Island Italian deli.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Thanks Dave!
        Guess that'll be my next place to try.

      2. re: julesrules4food

        I have the same question about the ownership of Rocco's. I swear at one time I thought I saw both locations on the website but maybe I'm just remembering wrong. In any case I've been to the one across from the Red Rock Casino and I think that one has some good pizza. Haven't been to the one on Buffalo yet though.

        As for the Cosmopolitan I think it has some of the best pizza in Las Vegas. Although it depends on when you go because at times it's been better than others.

        1. re: BestPizzaInLasVegas

          Just to be clear, are we talking about Rocco's New York Italian Deli? Unless there's been a recent change, the word "pizza" is not in its title, nor dominate the offerings. The Rocco's on Buffalo is much more a store and delicatessen than it is a pizza parlor. Usually, sandwiches seem to outsell pizza by a wide margin.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Dave-From looking at the website you linked to in November and the one BPILV gave earlier today they have similarities but the Buffalo location has much more to offer. IF the ownership isn't connected somehow then the websites are certainly trying to make it look like they are.I still haven't made it to either, my son is hooked on Pepperoni rolls at Broadway and Rocco's doesn't offer them.

            1. re: julesrules4food

              Thanks, Jules. I know nothing about the Red Rock location. In fact, I stayed there recently and could have gone for a visit.

      3. Just ate there 2 hours ago. Had 1 sausage and pepperoni and 1 white. Both were very good, but certainly not the best I've ever had. $11 with no drink. Try it out and judge for yourself.

        1. I ate there at the secret pizza place in September and had a slice and it was was around 1am and all in our party..were partying Vegas style...maybe that contributed to the goodness..perfect place after drinks at the Chandelier bar.
          Loved the Galaga vid old school.