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Nov 18, 2011 01:33 PM

Cheapest bulk food stores?

I'm starting to do Christmas baking in very large batches. I'd like to be able to buy nuts and the like at bulk food stores for a reasonable price. Where do you guys think is best?

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  1. Superstore, Dollar foods on Commercial

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    1. There's a store on Commercial Drive, between 1st Ave and Broadway, I recall buying cheap bulk foods from years ago. Forget name. Maybe it was Dollar Foods.

      A couple of stores in Little India (Main St, 49th to 51st Ave) that sells cheap bulk ingredients. But may not have exactly what you need for Christmas baking.

      Dan-D Pak on W. Broadway @ Stephens or Trafalgar.

      Weigh To Go on W. 41st, just east of Dunbar. Not as cheap, but has a good wide selection.

      Little India
      15081 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC V4B1C5, CA

      1. I am not sure about prices but Galloway's, Famous Foods and Weight to Go all have good selections. Maybe phone them for prices with a sample of 3-4 of your main ingrediants.