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Nov 18, 2011 01:18 PM

Caphalon + burnt sugar = :(

I didn't intend my pre-Thanksgiving food prep to involve cleaning cookware.

I made applesauce and needed just 2 more apples so I threw them back into the pot that had held the prior sauce/sugar and left the heat too high so now I have a blackened burned mess. I cleaned away the apples, now what? Thanks!

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  1. What kind of Calphalon cookware? Calphalon makes a lot of different kind of cookware from stainless steel surface cookware to aluminum to Teflon coating.

    If it is stainles ssteel, then an aggressive method is to use oven cleaner. Spray the overn cleaner to the area. Close the lid and put it in a closed area and come back after several hours to clean it. You will probably still need something scrap the burnt sugar. Use a plastic scarper, if you don't have one, use an old credit card or a plastic spoon... something help you to scrap, but won't scratch the heck out of the cookware.

    1. Have you tried to boil it off?
      Keeping a close eye on the pot, cover the burnt area with water and let it come to a boil. Turn off heat and let cool. Depending on how burnt on the sugar is, this should help.

      1. Boil water with a couple tablespoons baking soda added to it. Once it reaches a boil, let it simmer for a while. This worked for me on an enameled cast iron pot where I burned strawberry jam onto the bottom, but I've not tried it on my calphalon. If you've got anodized aluminum it should be okay as anodized is non-reactive, but as a word of warning, I have tried the baking soda method on a non-anodized aluminum roaster with disastrous results.

        1. Happened to me with S/S making caramel at too high a temp. So I
          boiled a detergent-water mixture in it, scoured it as best I
          could, and kept on using it. No problem. I'd go rather light with
          attacking anodized, though.

          In any case, a little burnt sugar won't poison anyone
          or impart a noticeable flavor.