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Nov 18, 2011 11:46 AM

El Paso....Crave, Tabla or Ripe??

Which are the best of the three? Any other restaurants that have a similar atmosphere, menu that you would recommend? Thanks!

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  1. Crave is my least favorite one out of all three but they have amazing burgers. Burgers are half off on tuesdays so expect a lot of people. I usually do Ripe for brunch (mainly) or lunch and the food is very consistent and flavorful. As for Tabla, well that is my favorite one. Other restaurants you should consider with sort of a similar atmosphere: Tom's and NoFish. You should also try Dane's appetizer happy hour which is excellent and avoid G2 like the plague.

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      Thanks for the response. I am getting a gift certificate for some family members that live in El Paso. They don't drink so I am thinking Crave or Ripe would be good.....