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Nov 18, 2011 09:47 AM

Does all steak need sauce?

I have got some really nice minute steak. Last night I just browned the steaks on both side and kept the inside rare. I served it with buttery mash and sauteed mushroom. I am going to make the same for some guests. Do I need to make a sauce for the steaks? If I do, then what type of sauce goes well with minute steak?

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  1. Are these ones that have flattened and sliced by the butcher? If so, I would be wary of leaving it rare. Like ground beef the interior has been exposed to air and possible contaminants.

    Whether meat needs a sauce depends more on the dinner's preference than on the cut. But well done meat benefits more from a sauce than rare meat.

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      Well done steak needs all the help it can get! When I eat an overdone steak, or really crappy quality steak, I have no problem enjoying A-1 on it.

    2. What cut of steak is it? When you say "minute steak", I think of that horrid frozen Steak-Um product.

      1. If you enjoyed it with no sauce then there is no reason it needs sauce for guests. I prefer no sauce with my steak regardless of the cut.

        1. Good steak properly cooked doesn't need a sauce, IMO, and I think sauce detracts from it. Something very lean, like filet mignon benefits from it because the lack of fat means less flavor. I can't choke down well done steak on a dare, with or without sauce, but overdone steak would certainly require it, I'd think, if one were going to eat it anyway.

          1. "Minute steak", which is actually only cube steak so named because it's intended to cook very quickly over relatively high heat, actually benefits from a sauce. Try browning them and then finishing them in the oven in a creamy mushroom sauce or thin bechamel.