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Nov 18, 2011 09:45 AM

Fresh to Go (aka Sushi and Salad) re-opened its doors this week

I know many people working around University and Dundas were waiting for Fresh to Go (aka Sushi and Salad) to re-open its doors in its new location since they closed their Dundas shop at the beginning of September. They opened this week and the place is spacious (with two large sitting areas), spotless, and has the same great quality of healthy lunch options (large varied salad bar, pressed sandwhich station, fresh sushi, freshly baked rolls, 3 daily homemade soups, and new to the mix...coffee, tea, and fresh pastries). I don't know how long the re-opening special will last but they are offering every customer a free coffee or tea with their order. The tea is worth having as they have a big selection of interesting loose leaf teas (I had a rooibos today) which they scoop out and put into a recycled permeable tea bag. It's a nice touch.

I noticed that a new place opened this week in the original location on Dundas called 1-2-3-Go Sandwich. I can't speak to the quality of the food but it looks like a rip off of Sushi and Salad (grilled sandwich station with similar looking toppings and a salad bar). Might be worth a try but I'll probably stick with Fresh to Go.

Fresh To Go
201 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G1C8, CA

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  1. I walked by 1-2-3-Go on my way to Fresh to Go today, and had a look at the menu posted in the window. They appear to have a larger selection of sandwiches than Fresh to Go including roast pork, meatball, etc. - but they also had no customers, while Ali Baba's next door was packed. I'll probably give them a shot soon, but I needed a sandwich fix from Fresh to Go today - really missed them!

    Another new place along that strip opened this week as well - Eat Fresh Be Healthy at 185 Dundas W. I was handed a menu as I walked by, and it's all over the place - breakfast, pasta, sandwiches, quesadillas, entrees like braised lamb ribs & veal scaloppini, plus the back of the menu mentions brunch on weekends and "late night dining" on Thu-Fri-Sat. Very odd.