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Nov 18, 2011 08:41 AM

I need a good hotel restaurant in Tucson for Thanksgiving BUT not for a turkey buffet

I will be in Tucson over Thanksgiving and I've called a bunch of good restaurants but nothing is open Thursday. I'm sure I will have to resort to a hotel restaurant. Can anyone provide a couple of recommendations for hotel dining rooms I can call to see if they are open and if they are offering their regular menu? (I'm not interested in a Thanksgiving buffet--I'll make my own awesome dinner when we are back at home.)


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  1. The JW Marriott at StarrPass has two excellent restaurants that are open for Thanksgiving:

    The buffet at Signature Grill is my daughter's favorite: tons of desserts, lots of meat besides turkey, and generally excellent quality - not your usual bounty of dry, cheap dishes.

    My husband and I, and a lot of locals, like the prix fixe Thanksgiving menus at Primo (there are options besides turkey) because the food and service are terrific. If the weather is nice, both restaurants have patios with great views.

    You might also check out the Arizona Inn; although the last meal I had there was inedible, my husband's dinner was pretty good. Have fun!

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      StarrPass is not my favorite. Try a locally based operation that speaks of Tucson. The Gold Room at Westward Look is good. Quiet and friendly. The Grill at Hacienda del Sol has always been good. The style has changed over time, but still in the running. The Arizona Inn is classic Tucson at its best. The dining room is beautiful, the service is old fashioned, and we have always been pleased with the food. I put the Westin, and Loews in the same category as StarrPass. They could be anywhere.

      1. re: Saguaro

        I also like The Gold Room and The Grill. After my horrible dinner at the AZ Inn, I've stopped taking people there.

    2. Try the red sky cafe. I did a thanksgiving there two years ago, no buffet and at least a couple of options beyond turkey. They had venison and I think one other thing. Good veg on their plates. Solid, wouldn't really gush over it or anything, but you could do worse. Good luck.

      1. We did the Hacienda del Sol. OK. Not as good as it was 4-5 years ago, but within acceptable limits.