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Nov 18, 2011 08:19 AM

Norgaard's Bakery in Astoria

Is there anyone out there who remembers this wonderful bakery in Astoria? I think they must have closed in the 70's. My favorite item was their rainbow cookies. There's are the standard by which I have judged all others to this day. Raspberry jam between the 3 layers of cake, cookies cut thin, not fat, with the chocolate icing on all 4 sides. And, a layer of marzipan between the top and bottom layer of cake a chocolate. And another confection that was the folk's favorie - compartment cake. Anyone else remember Norgaard's? What was your favorite treat there?

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  1. My family lived in Astoria till I was 14 in 1964. I went to Norgaard's many times. I seem to recall a checkerboard cookie. A Proustian moment? (I grew up to be a wine guy, btw.)

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      Yes, I think they also did have a checkerboard cookie. Loved that place. Wine is good!!!

    2. I was just thinking of their delicious cookies but well worth it especially the chocolate butter cookies. At $3.00 a lb it was very expensive. was trying to see if there were any of their recipes on the net.

      1. For those still following this comment string, my dad, Harry Baggen, was the owner of Norgaards until it closed in the early 70's. My sisters and I spent many days at the shop, usually helping behind the counter with Bertha, Hilda, Louise and the other "girls", or cleaning up in the back, or better, filling jelly doughnuts or icing his french cruellers. All of us have since moved out of the area, but I do have some of his old cookie recipes, though they all call for quantities that are far beyond what any of us would routinely bake in the kitchen.
        Harry Jr

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          Is it possible for you to send the cookie recipes?? Would love to try a duplicate the wonderful tastes of my early youth.

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            Well, that bakery provided me some very happy memories. The rainbow cookies are still the best I've ever had. My grandmother lived in Astoria and would always buy the rainbow cookies for the kids and the compartment cake for the adults. She once bought me about 3 pounds to take back to college with me. She tied the box with a ribbon and I kept sneaking my hand through the side and eating them and finished the whole box before the plane landed. They were the best. If you could even share the full recipe we might be able to pare it down. Thanks so much for posting!