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Nov 18, 2011 06:57 AM

Fresh chillies at Fortnum's [London]

Fortnums isn't my usual greengrocer, but I popped in yesterday to admire the tinsel and nibble the free samples - and I chanced upon 400g bags of mixed fresh chillies in the veg section. The first surprise was the price - a snip at £5 - the second surprise was the lovely mix of varieties - different shapes, sizes and colours - some new to me.
The supplier is 'Edible Ornamentals' of Chawson, from whom you can buy 500g bags of jalenenos from their website for £6 (making the Fortnums price all the more surprising).

I have just taken a load of photos of the chillies for use on my Christmas cards this year and so haven't tasted any yet - but I have no reason to believe that they are not worth the money.

So I recommend you pop to Fortnums and get them while they're hot!

(PS - yes I know they are not spelled 'chillies' in the US, but they are here).

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  1. 400g of fresh? You must get through them! A 50g bag of bird's eyes gives me a week's worth.

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      I freeze them raw - they can still be used pureed with other ingredients, but get a bit too soft to chop. (I always leave the seeds and membrane in when I cook with chillies - I like the heat).

      If I ate them fresh it would take me a month or so (alone) to get through that much fresh chilli. Assuming they didn't rot and my intestines could endure the onslaught for that long!

    2. Loads of chillis on Rye Lane, SE15 round where I live, just pick up a few as and when. Have even been given some for free when I just want or two.