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Nov 18, 2011 06:27 AM

Jacksonville: Where to eat out on Thanksgiving?

I'm going to be flying in to visit my college student son in Jacksonville, arriving onThanksgiving Day. Where should we go for dinner? Turkey and all the fixings would be great, but is not a must. Just looking for a place that will have good (maybe even great) food and a welcoming atmosphere. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. There are several places along River Place Blvd near the Freedom Fountain. Ruth's Chris and River City Brewing usually add some T-Day type food to their regular menus. I'd suggest trying the Chart House there as they have a full T-Day buffet. http://www.chart-house.com/

    Over on the west side of the St Johns River south of I-10 near St Vincente's hospital is the Blue Fish Oyster Bar which also carries a special T-Day menu. http://bluefishjax.com/

    You can't go too wrong with either of these two.

    Chart House Restaurant
    1501 River Place Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207

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      These sound great! Thanks so much.

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      1. Well, I arrived too late to this post but should you have this question next year....I would say Copelands. Cajun deep fried turkey and great cajun food. Located off Southside boulevard. Jazz music and soft ambiance. I think you will be pleased. Ive done turkey day once or twice. Wasnt disappointed.