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Nov 18, 2011 05:19 AM

Cleaning Turmeric stains

Does anyone know how to get the stains from Turmeric off of part of my rice makers interior? I assume that it is aluminum but when I made some rice with the spice in it one day it stained it and now I am wondering if it is possible to get it off.

I can live with it and don't need pristine cookware and appliances but this one is bothering me!


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  1. Turmeric is not a stain. It is a dye. Just ask my kitchen towels.

    1. Astur,

      Turmeric color can be tough to get out. You can try to make a very thick pasta of baking soda and let it sits on the stain for awhile and then try to scrub the stain. We also know is that turmeric curcumin is unstable under sunlight, so you can leave your rice maker under sunlight to bleach the color out. Here is an old thread, which you may find useful information as well:

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      1. And another thread I started a couple of years ago that may also give you some helpful tips: